Grimes teases snippets of two new songs (and they’re really good)


Oh hey, didja hear Grimes is dating Elon Musk? Cool, we don’t care either!

What we do care about is getting tasty new jams from one Claire Elise Boucher, and it looks like some are (possibly) on the way. While absolutely nothing is certain regarding Grimes’ follow-up to her 2015 banger of a record Art Angels, it’s no surprise her creative mind keeps rolling, and last night she gave us a preview of two new tracks via Twitter. Based on her iTunes, the songs appear to have working titles of “Adore” and “4 am.”

On “Adore,” Grimes tweets: “well i said i’d post some snippets of new music earlier so this prob sounds terrible thru my phone recording but it’s the cheesy love song i was talking about that i don’t like but everyone else likes, made the instrumental w my new mellotron!


On “4am,” Grimes tweets: “so this one is like my ethereal chav jam that’s like … a cyberpunk interpretation of the bajirao mastani movie (plz watch this incredible film if u haven’t) from mastanis perspective, dunno if it makes sense without the low end. these r just demos bein recorded thru my phone so”

Listen to them below.

Featured Grimes photo by Eddy Leiva for Vanyaland, from her November 2015 appearance at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston.