CYN just might make a ‘Believer’ out of all of us


“Sometimes the best thing you can do for a girl is let her be herself — stop suggesting, stop comparing, stop trying to define what it is …it’s just her.” That sentiment was tweeted out by CYN on Friday (June 1), just as her new video for “Believer” started to marinate on digital screens around the world. So we’re gonna take that advice and roll with it; besides, we’re a bit too caught up in this devilish new pop bop to start drawing parallels (just wait for that beat to kick in something fierce at the :45 mark). We will, however, relay that the Los Angeles artist born Cynthia Nabozny tells Billboard that the track “ultimately represents the struggle of believing in a love that could last after experiencing one with a surprise ending… I think hearing someone sing, ‘There must be something in the air that I’m not breathing’… ‘I am just a jaded girl’… ‘I feel unloveable,’ because of a love gone wrong is actually quite heartbreaking.” CYN brings that slice of life to Tennessee’s Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival this weekend (June 7). Peep the Kenny Laubbacher-directed video below, as well as a CYN survey conducted by Katy Perry. Featured image by Samantha Marquart.