Naomi Greene weaves a web of orchestral folk-pop on ‘Collision’

There’s a certain mood in the music of Naomi Greene.

The Los Angeles-based and Paris-born multi-intrumentalist (harp, vocals, guitar) creates the type of emotive sounds fit for both grand cinema and those personal life decisions that never leave one’s mind. This month Greene returns with an enchanting spin around those brief moments of clarity, a mystical work called “Collision” that dances in the same circles as the likes of Bjork and Rasputina.

“’Collision’ is about this feeling of illusions crashing into reality, when suddenly everything is clear and it feels like you’re in a slow motion suspension in time right before landing back into the turbulent spiral of your life,” Greene says. “The song talks about distance and walking out of love with someone that you know isn’t good for you, all the while feeling the painful roars of your heart’s longing.”

There will eventually be a visual for the song, directed by Lou Dubigeon, who partnered with Greene, the actor, on the Cannes-screened film The Blank Page. Until then, get lost in the sounds below.

Featured image by Dubigeon, from ‘The Blank Page’.