‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ Trailer: Tom Cruise goes rogue


It’s a bit of a packed summer, which is why it’s been a bit easy for us to lose sight that, yes, there is a new Mission Impossible movie coming out in less than two months, and that it looks like an insanely fun time. This sequel, subtitled Fallout, is further proof that Tom Cruise is the craziest man in show business on two fronts, those being religion and stunt work, and you can watch him break his fucking ankle on one of the sequences featured in this trailer.

Plus, we get to ogle Henry Cavill’s mustache a bit more, and we have to say, it was totally worth sinking Justice League to keep that majestic thing around for the reshoots. An act of Congress should be passed to prevent that man from shaving.

Take a look:


Director Chris McQuarrie, who led Cruise to greatness in both the first Jack Reacher and fifth Mission Impossible film, is back at the helm once again, and he seems to have upped the action ante, even if we’re not totally sure that anything will beat Cruise hanging on to a fucking cargo plane as it takes off. Jeremy Renner is missing, it seems, so let’s hope he didn’t get dusted by Thanos in this universe, but at least Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson are back for more.

There are a lot of small bits strewn across this trailer to love — Cruise’s performance anxiety when he’s about to make a crazy jump, the solidification of Rhames as the Danny Glover (who is perpetually too old for this shit) of the series, the helicopter battle highlighted at the end of both this trailer and the last one — and we’re already freaking out with excitement at what the final product might look like come release day.


Mission Impossible: Fallout hits theaters on July 27.

Featured image via Paramount Pictures.