G Flip is here ‘Killing My Time’ but making yours so very worth it

G Flip

We don’t mean to get too ahead of ourselves here, but it’s impossible not to catch some “Habits (Stay High)” vibes when we bump “Killing My Time”, the latest alt-pop bop from fast-riser G Flip. But while the two joints share a few similar musical styles, lyrically, they’re worlds apart. Where Tove Lo was resorting to extreme behaviors in order to get over a lover, G Flip is cutting her lover out in advance in order to keep her mind clear. “The story behind ‘Killing My Time’ revolves around a girl who kept distracting me from making music,” says the Australian drummer, singer, songwriter, and producer. “It was hard to escape and be productive so I inevitably ended up breaking up with her because I wanted to focus.” Savage, as the kids say. Featured photo by Reuben Moore.