MONOGEM exhibits a chill alt-pop spark on ‘Get You High’

Jen Hirsh doesn’t need any manufactured 4/20 silliness to get you high. As MONOGEM, the Los Angeles musician and Berklee alum creates the type of chill alt-pop that inspires by day and seduces by night. She’s back in town this week, playing Sonia in Cambridge on Thursday (May 17), with one hell of a lyrical offer: “You should come on by/Waste a little time/Let me get you high for a minute/You’ve been on my mind/Every single night/Baby can I have just a minute?” Even our state’s relaxed laws on sparking up can’t compete with that kind of intrigue, and MONOGEM has that type of musical appeal in spades. Add “Get You High” to your playlists for the flowery summer, and lose track of when day becomes night and night becomes day.