Stars Like Ours rock it out post-haste on ‘Love in a Parking Lot’



Studio 52 is a community artist space located in the heart of Allston, and is proud to support the Boston music scene and local artist community.

Every now and then one of those dumb polls will show up on Twitter where a person asks how long it takes for a listener to fall in love with a song. The options usually range from “immediately” to “after a few listens,” and it pretty much accomplishes nothing. But we can’t help but want to cast a vote for the former after hitting play on Stars Like Ours’ blistering one-two punch, Love in a Parking Lot.

Lead track “Everyday” takes less than 10 seconds to consume the listener, while the title song impacts post-haste. And once you manage to come to terms with all the maximum riffage going on here, the hooks will declare residency in your angst-riddled head. Combined, the two offerings, officially out today, serve as a mighty fit of ’90s-kissed alt-rock, and both should be on display at reckless volumes tonight (May 11) at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston.

“From the first second we sat down together, the songs just sort of clicked,” says singer/guitarist Kristin Holliday. Adds singer/bassist Michelle Paulhus: “In general, these songs reflect our attitudes surrounding life — essentially, don’t put up with nonsense, have fun, and rock out.”

We’re sure drummer Rice Edmonston has a similar sentiment, but he’s busy keeping the beat and producing the pair of tunes, which were recorded Q Division Studios in Somerville and mixed and mastered by Pat Dicenso. There’s only about six-and-a-half minutes of music at play here, but there’s some kind of immediate impact.

Featured image by Joshua Pickering Photography.