Childish Gambino tackles gun violence in ‘This Is America’

"This Is America" screengrab

Donald Glover is taking over. And he’s taking a stand while doing so. Glover, who’s earning high marks for his role in FX show Atlanta as he assumes a young Lando Calrissian in this month’s Solo: A Star Wars Story, took to Saturday Night Live over the weekend to show off his incredibly varied skill-set. Part of that was hosting SNL, and the other was performing live on the show as his musical alter-ego, Childish Gambino. Just before the second Gambino performance of the night, Glover dropped the video for “This Is America,” which tackles gun violence, and especially police violence, in the very fucked up way America normalizes it. This new Childish Gambino track bounces along the project’s usual hip-hop and funk lines with an upbeat presentation, but the video depicts something a lot darker. The clip was directed by Hiro Murai; watch it below, and take note: Childish Gambino plays TD Garden on September 12.