‘Robin Hood’ Trailer: Anybody else having déjà vu?


Remember when King Arthur: Legend of the Sword came out a year ago and Warner Bros. lost a shitload of money because ain’t nobody want to see that bullshit? Well, we do, and as one of the 45 people who saw that movie, we’re having some awful flashbacks to Guy Ritchie’s movie (and every other film released about a mythical or real badass in the last three years) watching this trailer for the Robin Hood reboot.

No, the famed archer of lore isn’t an adorable fox or a chubby Russell Crowe this time: He’s Taron Egerton, who you’ll remember from the Kingsman and the damn solid Eddie the Eagle a few years ago. That alone isn’t a bad thing — we quite like Egerton — but this preview is reminding us a hell of a lot of the CW’s Arrow, and that is, well, weird.

Peep it:

Yep, that’s right: Robin Hood is a rich dude who goes out at night and steals money from other rich guys to give to the poor, because he was in the Crusades or something. His best bud, Little John, is played by Jamie Foxx, because who wouldn’t want the dude who sang “Blame it on the Alcohol” on your squad (no jokes here, folks). The evil Sheriff of Nottingham is played by Ben Mendelsohn, who is close to completing his quest to play a villain in every major franchise film in a calendar year, and we’re stupidly pumped for that.

Jamie Dornan is bearded and upset-looking, and we would be too after years of Fifty Shades of Grey films. It’s directed by Otto Bathurst, who directed that episode of Black Mirror where the Prime Minister fucks a pig, so he understands the importance of iconography, at least. All in all, this looks like your average mediocre Thanksgiving film, one that you’ll go see dutifully because it’s generic, less controversial than seeing Widows or The Women of Marwen and because you don’t have any kids in the family party.

Robin Hood hits theaters on November 21.

Featured image via Summit/Larry Horricks.