So It’s Come to This: Watch Celine Dion sing ‘Ashes’ as Deadpool dances


It makes a good deal of sense that Celine Dion would say yes to 20th Century Fox and Ryan Reynolds when they asked her to contribute a song to the soundtrack for Deadpool 2 — that much money would be hard to say no to.

Releasing a song like “Ashes” is a chance for the somewhat stuffy-seeming Dion to connect with her lapsed fans, now excited to return to the fold now that their childhood idol admits her inherent campiness. It is very much a win-win proposition for her and for the Deadpool people, even if it’s going to drive us slightly crazy. So, take a look at the video for “Ashes,” and watch Deadpool dance and express himself in the way that one would when they know that they’re going to make a shit-load of cash in a few weeks when their movie comes out.

We might sound a little bitter about this, and we really don’t mean to be!


It’s just sort of odd watching this particular character become a spokesman for so many different brands (anybody want a Devour frozen dinner?) at the moment and pop up in so many different things that we honestly don’t know how to process it. We do think this is a pretty damn good song from Dion, if you’re into her brand of diva pop, and we’re also kind of enjoying how much this feels like the kind of ’90s tie-in video you’d see airing on MTV in the afternoons. Somehow, this is still a little less ridiculous than the Michelle Pfeiffer-starring vid for “Gangsta’s Paradise,” back when Dangerous Minds was hitting the multiplex. And hey, that’s a pretty swell interpretive dance you’ve got going there, Deadpool.

Anyways, Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18, and you’ve probably already got your tickets. We just wish there was more Peter in this.

Featured image via screenshot.