The Rare Occasions admit ‘You Weren’t Meant To See That’



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It’s been only a month since we last checked in with The Rare Occasions, our most favorite Providence-born, Los Angeles-based band of guitar-rock misfits. But hey, here we are, eyes glazed on their new video for “You Weren’t Meant To See That.” It’s the latest taste off forthcoming LP, Into the Shallows, out May 25, and the visuals for this crawling space-aged joint are getting all sorts of artsy. The band says the song “is a departure for us, with a very different aesthetic from what you might expect from The Rare Occasions. We saw it as the perfect opportunity to explore that space at an even deeper level with a music video. Our friend, Minneapolis-based filmmaker Laurel Cohen, built the set to this video in her apartment and filmed it in one continuous take. The video was shot in reverse, starting from the end scene and moving towards the beginning. This seemed like the perfect backdrop to the song, which touches on how a past event can shape the present, and how the present can change how we remember our past.” Kinda sounds like that Amy Adams movie Arrival, only without those pesky Heptapods.