Go outside and vibe on spring with Video Age’s ‘Lover Surreal’


Heyyyyy so look, we’ll make this fast, because it’s 80 fucking degrees outside in Boston. Which means a) it’s no longer Endless January, and b) we all need some tunes to soundtrack our springtime vibe. Enter New Orleans duo Video Age, who groove their casual ’80s synth-pop our way with “Lover Surreal,” an infectious earworm of blissful intrigue. Video Age describe the tune, via Stereogum, as a “dance ballad about an imaginary love affair. Someone is reaching out into the void, patiently waiting for love to respond.” Which makes taking this shit out to the park on a day like today all the more vital. “Lover Surreal” is the second cut off Video Age’s upcoming sophomore record Pop Therapy, which hits in June. By then we’ll all be lovers in the sun.