‘Fangoria’ Relaunch: The beloved horror magazine returns to print

Way, way back before the dawn of the internet, horror fans used to get their information from a variety of print sources. Chief among those was Fangoria, which was about as beloved an institution amongst nerds as social security is for the elderly. They went in-depth on the making of these movies, and teased new films that might, if you were lucky enough to live near a major city or a multiplex, wind up on a screen near you. I personally missed the advent of the magazine (and I was a big ol’ chicken until I hit college), but the importance and the effects of this labor of love aren’t lost on me. After years of declining sales, personnel turnover, and an erratic publishing schedule, the magazine finally shut its doors in February 2017, and left a gaping void in its absence.

But all hope wasn’t lost, and Dallas-based entertainment company Cinestate purchased the magazine, with the intention of bringing it back to print and, hopefully prestige. The new Fangoria will see its first issue, under new editor (and James Bond authority) Phil Nobile Jr., release in October of this year, and it will be published on a quarterly schedule after that. They’re planning on making the magazine a collector and fan’s treasure trove, with all-new but classic design and a roster of incredible contributors submitting articles each month. The official Twitter account teased out some of the writers for that October issue last week:

It’s also important to note that the magazine will not be available online in any form, so you’ll have to buy a copy of the magazine in order to read its contents. The first issue, as mentioned above, will roll out in October, but you can go ahead and subscribe to the magazine for the very reasonable price of $60 right now at their dope website.

It’s a great time to be a horror fan.

Featured image via Cinestate.