Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: Ascend/Descend



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Studio 52 Spotlight: Ascend/Descend

What Studio 52 Says: Omnipotent hardcore/punk band Ascend/Descend rose from the ashes of an old house on Murdock Street, aiming their sights at writing songs about a fire that engulfed front-woman Michelle Dugan’s home. Originally intended as a solitary studio project, Dugan brought on Nick Wolf to play guitar, who then recruited Alex Garcia-Rivera to play drums and engineer the new songs. The end product was their 2016 album Murdock Street, which is a fast paced furious memory of a horrible day in 2014. With an obvious chemistry between the group and an immediate positive response from the local hardcore scene, they decided to turn the studio project into a functional touring act. Since the group is made up of members of various other active Boston bands, occasional hiatuses are inevitable, yet Ascend/Descend have never lost relevance and their time between gigs and releases seems to only build hype for whats in the works. Fans have been elated since we caught word they’re currently recording a new album which is set to be released later this year, and tomorrow (April 21) they’re ripping it up at The Democracy Center in Cambridge with support from Stay Asleep, Suffer on Acid, and Glacial Hell. As Ascend/Descend continues to flourish, they have proven to us all that adversities inspire art, and being caught in the grips of tragedy can trigger the creation of something tremendous. — Trevor McSweeney, Studio 52


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