The Sheila Divine believe now is the ‘Time To Set It Off’



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When is it time to set it off? Any time a rock and roll band wants! The Sheila Divine subscribe to this quite well, and even after 20 years in this zany rock and roll game, Aaron Perrino and the boys still have that magic touch, releasing last night a new song called “Time To Set It Off” that Perrino tells us was recorded just “for fun.” It was posted to Bandcamp late last night. “Sometimes I think of The Sheila Divine as my nostalgia band, but once in a while we get off our ass and make something new,” Perrino tells Vanyaland. “We were rehearsing and Jim [Gilbert] came up with the progression and song just clicked.” While the new song has that traditional Sheila Divine alt-rock explosiveness, don’t expect it to inspire a new album. According to Perrino, there might not be a follow-up to 2015’s The Morbs. “The Sheila Divine is in its Bona Drag phase and will just be releasing singles,” he says. Get your 99 cents in hand and listen to “Time To Set It Off” below.