‘Supercon’ Trailer: Toxic Nerd Culture, now with added John Malkovich!


A few weeks back when Ready Player One was about to hit cinemas all over the nation, several sites decided to look back at writer Ernest Cline’s first film, the beleaguered and ultimately butchered Fanboys, which was focus-grouped, altered and shelved for years by the Weinstein Company before being released to general disinterest. Fanboys, at least, seemed to be a labor of love for all involved, and attempted to have some sort of heart, which pokes through it’s shock-jock comedy bits.

Supercon, the upcoming film from Kevin Smith’s former assistant Zak Knutson (who also apparently cameoed in Fanboys, which of course he did), looks to be the worst version possible version of that film, so totally disconnected with the state of modern con culture and fandom that it feels positively ripped straight out of 2002. Which, frankly, might have been the last time the View Askew crowd were really in their element.

But, hey, it’s got John Malkovich in it, so… wait, what the fuck? Really?

Take a look for yourself:

Yep, this is a time that we most definitely wouldn’t want to be John Malkovich. Is there any way we could swap that movie he made for Louis XIII Cognac with Robert Rodriquez out for this one? You know, the one that won’t screen until 2115. The one that’s marketed as “the movie you will never see,” given that we’ll all be dead when it comes out?

Well, we guess we have to mention that this is a heist movie about a group of ass-chapped fanboys attempting to rip off a William Shatner-type played by Clancy Brown, and somehow Mike Epps got pulled into this horseshit too. Boy, you can really make any movie if you’ve got the right friends behind you, right?

Be prepared for a lot of dumb physical comedy and shit jokes — not just shitty jokes, but jokes about shit as well, accompanied by the fucking Wilhelm Scream of all things. This just kind of looks like an ugly-ass nerd movie, made by the about-to-be-vanquished in order to get one last dig in at an evolving culture. Jesus Christ.

Supercon hits theaters and VOD on April 27.

Featured image Sony Pictures via Collider.