Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: Shroud



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Studio 52 Spotlight: Shroud

What Studio 52 Says: Tumultuous death/grind quartet Shroud are fueled by the chaotic aspects of their lives, have always retained a sound so brutal it makes your skin crawl, and somehow seem to just keep getting more and more malevolent. Spawned in 2013 by former members of Demoralizer, Dry Heave, and Proteus looking to keep their outlet for anger alive and kicking, Shroud have spent the past five years as a black cloud raining blastbeats over the Boston metal scene.

Stacked with one of the fastest drummers Boston death metal has ever seen, one of the loudest and heaviest guitarists to ever assist you in going deaf, a bassist with tones so thunderous they can cut through any mix, and one of the most genuinely furious and hostile frontmen in New England, the chemistry and history between these guys is an unbridled force. Their 2014 EP This Is Not For You and 2016 “Blissful Apathy” split with Dysentery were two of the angriest peices of music we’ve ever heard… until this past March when they released Crawl, Because You Are Worthless, a supersonic speedball of disgust for the world.


Never shying away from touching on some of the darker and unvoiced aspects of life; song topics discuss self hatred, being broken by work, discovering the legacy of mental illness and depression your ancestors passed on to you, imperfect friendships, all the way to the appreciation of hallucinogens. Don’t let their bitter outlook on the world fool you however, these guys aren’t all-the-way dead inside, and this weekend they’re setting out to do some good. Catch them live Saturday night (April 7), at Sammy’s Patio on Revere Beach at a monster-sized 11-band autism awareness benefit show, where all proceeds will be donated to charity. Come out to the beach, have a few beers and let your fury out, all for a great cause. [Featured Shroud photo by Anthony Santagati.]

— Trevor McSweeney, Studio 52

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