Aubrey Haddard stretches soulful songwriting on ‘I Should Know Better’

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When Aubrey Haddard proclaims that she’s “got to get out of this place,” as she does on on new solo single “I Should Know Better,” the obvious interpretation is that she’s stuck in dead-end or otherwise faulty relationship. But when you take Haddard’s expansive musical repertoire into consideration, maybe the line signals stretching her songwriting wings — which is exactly what her solo project aims to do, spreading the wealth far and wide throughout the umpteen-plus different music scenes in Boston.

In addition to her solo efforts, Haddard fronts The New Review and is a part of New York-based group Breakfast for the Boys, plus has Berklee outfit Sonomosaic in her rear-view. And according to Haddard, each band brings out a different facet of her artistry; As for “I Should Know Better,” the theme seems to be finger-wagging guitar soul.

“I’ve always been a songwriter, whether or not I chose to share those songs with a particular band, and I also was part of an original music group called Sonomosaic, a neo-soul project that started at Berklee,” says Haddard, who plays State Park in Cambridge this Sunday (March 25). “All of the groups, The New Review included, satisfies or satisfied a different part of me. Each genre flexes different creative muscles and shines light in different places and I’ve always sort of thrived on that.”

Her solo project, which consists of herself, Josh Strmic on drums, and Charley Ruddell on bass, has already seen the release of her 2016 acoustic EP Adult Lullabies, but is gearing up for a summer 2018 release.

“Ultimately I think being part of various projects has really only made me a better musician and I think you can hear the various experiences’ influences in my music,” Haddard adds. “I’ve learned, and am still learning how to be a frontwoman and a rhythm guitar player, a part of the rhythm section, and a fearless leader all at once or never at the same time. And especially in Boston I think its important to cross genres because the scene can feel at times really segregated and exclusive when really we are all just experimenting and figuring it out.”

“I Should Know Better” presents a slice of Haddard’s forthcoming album from her solo project’s trio, a 10-track record titled Blue Part out this summer. Named after the hottest part of a flame, the opus promises simmering heartbreak and a sun-tinged vibe.

Blue Part consists of 10 tracks, including an intro and outro, a couple older arrangements that we breathed new life into and mostly songs written the year leading up to recording,” Haddard explains. “Picking ‘I Should Know Better’ [for a single] was tricky, it’s definitely the most pop/rock tune we did on an otherwise atmospheric and alternative album, and I think the choice for our first single came down to accessibility. This tune always gets a great response from a crowd and love learned the hard way is an all too relatable subject.” 

AUBREY HADDARD + JUNE BLOOM :: Sunday, March 25 at State Park, 1 Kendall Sq. in Cambridge, MA :: 9 p.m., 21-plus, no cover :: Facebook event page