Little Boots teams with Lauren Flax for future-pop bliss in ‘Picture’


Whether she’s crushing dance floors with synth bangers or supplying sun-come-up-you-come-down soundtracks disguised as electronic-pop drifters, Little Boots knows her way around a tune. The multi-talented British dance music visionary, called Victoria Hesketh by her family, is back this week with a fresh joint called “Picture” and it’s a perfectly-timed bit of future-pop bliss with neon edges and a pitch-black core. “Picture” finds Little Boots teaming with Brooklyn-based DJ/producer/songwriter/CREEPster Lauren Flax, and is the latest taste off her upcoming BURN EP. “‘Picture’ is about that moment when you think you’ve moved on from someone, then some algorithm or friend of friend you follow brings up a photo that can instantly drag you back in a heartbeat,” says Little Boots. “It explores our relationship between technology and our powerlessness over the effect it can have on our emotions and mood. I collaborated with Lauren Flax on the track and love the way she built the beat, we sent instrumental parts back and forwards adding piano and strings until the track swells into a really lush hybrid of electronics and organics, all driven by a pulsing house beat and topped off with pop melodies.” BURN is due April 6. Securing the appropriate lotion is on you.