Chris Carter rides solo and gets mystical on ‘Moon Two’


On a morning where we learned Stephen Hawking has died, perhaps it’s all too appropriate to feature a new composition that has us gazing skyward. It’s called “Moon Two,” and it’s the latest offering from Throbbing Gristle founding member Chris Carter. The mystical, elevated “Moon Two” is included on Carter’s forthcoming 25-track solo album (and first solo effort in 17 years), Chemistry Lessons Volume One, due March 30 via Mute Records. “If there’s an influence on the album, it’s definitely ‘60s radiophonic,” Carter says. “And over the last few years I’ve also been listening to old English folk music, almost like a guilty pleasure, and so some of tracks on the album hark back to an almost ingrained DNA we have for those kinds of melodies.” Carter’s electronic music acumen is as sharp as ever, it seems, and we can only imagine the symphonic weight Chemistry Lessons Volume One carries as a full listen. Featured photo by Cosey Fanni Tutti, via Mute.