Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: Leopard Print Taser


Studio 52 is a community artist space located in the heart of Allston, and is proud to support the Boston music scene and local artist community.

Studio 52 Spotlight: Leopard Print Taser

What Studio 52 Says: From the ashes of one quintessential Boston punk band rises the soul of another. Featuring former members of Lunglust, Leopard Print Taser quicken the pace with their spectral dream-punk. Their debut self-titled EP is a concise 9-minute romp of wavy vocal melodies backed by sinuous guitar work and a befittingly tight rhythm section. Leopard Print Taser really gleams in the sections of their songs when vocalist Leila Bower untethers her voice and lets loose her scratchy growls that complement the tracks impeccably (as is the case on our favorite track “Losing”). The album is well crafted by a group of undoubtedly talented musicians with a similar goal in mind and you can hear the synchronicity between the four throughout. They’ve been one of our favorite new groups in Boston and we’re looking forward to their newly-recorded-but-as-of-yet-unreleased second EP as well as their next show. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait long as Leopard Print Taser joins FRIGS, Weeping Icon, and Service at tonight (March 2) at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston. — Andrew Maroney, Studio 52

Listen: leopardprinttaser.bandcamp.com

Watch: Live in Allston, October 2017

Attend: Tonight (March 2) at O’Brien’s Pub

Follow: instagram.com/leopardprinttaser

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