Ladytron return with ‘The Animals’, their first new music in 7 years


Now that we’ve all survived the 2000s and are ass-deep into the ‘teens, we really don’t feel Ladytron get enough credit for shaping the modern sound of electronic pop. The Liverpool quartet were among the first to use synth-pop to infiltrate indie rock circles, and the blueprint of their sound is still heard all over alt-pop and the various forms of electronica permeating the fine line between the mainstream and underground. While this premise is probably better suited for a longer thinkpiece, we will interrupt our train of thought to deliver the band’s first new music in seven years.

And that’s exciting.

Ladytron’s new joint is called “The Animals,” and it’s a suitably claustrophobic pop blitz straight off their weathered synthesizers. It feels like it could have fallen from the promo truck of 2002 album Light & Magic, but there’s still a hazy freshness to it.

With the new single also comes with a Pledge campaign, where the ‘Tron are crowdfunding a new album set for release later this year. Hit play on “The Animals” and party like you did when you were 17, because now you’re no fun.