The Millennial Club romance us back to an ’80s pop fantasy: Fast Tracked

’80s nostalgia is a tricky bitch. Sometimes it works (you may have heard of a show called Stranger Things) and sometimes it doesn’t (you should probably avoid Summer of ’84). When done right, the approach fills us not only with a sense of who we once were, but who we truly are and who we strive to be. As Southern California’s The Millennial Club flash their way across our screens this week with their video for “Give It Up,” directed by Brad Michael Wong of Ocelot Films, we’re reminded of all the things we love about retro-pop sensibilities. The dream-pop band, clearly raised on a steady diet of R&B and sex jams, knows a thing or two about seductive maneuvers, and while we’d love to keep this between us, there’s no doubt that we’ll all be sharing them with the world oh so very soon. As we await their new EP, due this summer, let your eyes gaze into faded neon and warped pastels through The Millennial Club’s glossy pop filter. Featured image via the band’s Facebook.