Waking Windows created a 2018 Spotify playlist and you should listen to it


Just before the long weekend hit, Waking Windows dropped its initial 2018 performer lineup, and as expected, it was a doozy. Headlined by Deer Tick, Noname, Bully, The Districts, and others, the May 6 to 6 arts celebration in the Vermont city of Winooski featured a performer scroll that went 100 names deep.

So naturally, there are more than a few names on the poster below that might be new or unfamiliar to some, to most, or those caught in between. And that speaks to Waking Windows’ position as a music discovery festival, one that’s best enjoyed leaving the schedules behind and just strolling around the city center hitting the various participating venues, restaurants, cafes, churches and performance spaces.

To help soundtrack the experience leading up to the fest, Waking Windows has dropped a 77-song, five-hour-plus Spotify playlist to help fill in some audio gaps. A great deal of the performing artists are represented here, but not everyone, and that’s cool, because we all need a bit of spontaneity once we roll into Winooski this May.


Listen tio the playlist below, and revisit Ben Stas’ extensive photo gallery and recap of last year’s fest.

Featured Noname image up top via the artist.