Natalie Portman pulled a space gun on a dude on ‘SNL’ and we’re now ready for Boston Calling


Ask Natalie Portman about how The Last Jedi holds up to Star Wars Episodes 1 through 3 and you might just get a space gun pulled on you.

“Say somethin’ bout the motherfucking prequels, bitch,” she tests her interviewer in SNL’s “Natalie’s Rap 2,” which dropped this past weekend.

Last year we felt the time was right to revisit the 2006 gem that is Portman’s foul-mouthed SNL rap with the Lonely Island, but that was before we got word that she had to bail on the film portion of 2017’s Boston Calling, in which she was to act as curator. Now that she’s confirmed for a role in this spring’s fest, which runs May 25 to 27 at Harvard’s Athletic Complex and boasts an enhanced arts lineup, SNL blessed us again this weekend with a followup to the now-12-year-old skit.


Portman, now 36 and a mother of two, goes off “I’ll sit right down on your face and take a shit” style, laying out the ground rules of giving birth while baked, snackin’ on Tide pods, and tossing Xanax in her white wine. Best of all, more than a decade later, we got a new Queen Amidala scene, full royal regalia on display.

Forget Annihilation; this is the pre-festival sneak peek inside the life of Natalie Portman we needed. Watch the entire rap, “Bodak Yellow” references included, below.