Jack White will allow you to use your phone at Boston Calling



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Earlier today it was reported that Jack White is instituting a “no phones allowed” policy at his shows, affording those in attendance a “100% human experience.”

The move is one that’s growing in popularity amongst bands, as the reunited Misfits opted for a similar decision last month when they played Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Enforcing the rule is easy: Fans must lock their phones into portable pouches upon entering the venue, and then can unlock them when they leave, or, in the case of an emergency, head to an approved area (out of view of the stage) to unlock and use their device.


While White is touring North American venues in support of his forthcoming album Boarding House Reach, he’s also playing a handful of festivals, including Boston Calling and NYC’s Governors Ball. So while enforcing the “no phone” policy at places like Baxter Arena in Nebraska and Jacobs Pavilion in Cleveland should be relatively easy, how, exactly, will this be in play out in open fields and festival lots among massive crowds?

It won’t be.

Boston Calling posted an “official statement” from White’s team regarding the policy at festivals, and it turns out everyone will be allowed to take crappy, blurry photos of the former White Stripe from wherever they may be standing and squinting.

“The no-camera policy will not be enforced at the festivals Jack White is headlining,” the statement reads, “however, Jack hopes fans at each event will join him in his objective and he thanks everyone for their support.”


White plays Boston Calling on Saturday, May 26, after sets by Queens of the Stone Age, St. Vincent, and Tyler, The Creator.