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Watch Post Malone cover Nirvana at The House of Blues in Boston


Everyone’s boy Post Malone made headlines this week when he appeared — and got spooked — on an episode of Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. This recent attention may or may not have spiked interest in the Syracuse rapper’s affinity for covering alt-rock songs, because his rendition of Nirvana’s “All Apologies” at The House of Blues in Boston last fall is once again making the rounds around the internet. We slept on it then, when he rolled into town on his Stoney tour, so fuck it, we’re hyping it now, because it’s Friday and everyone loves a good Kurt Cobain impression. Post Malone’s take definitely has that Nirvana Unplugged vibe to it, and we just need more of that magic in our lives. Especially in the New England wintertime.

Featured image via The Farmacist, who shot the video below.