Fast Tracked: Scandroid joyride through synthwave cities on ‘Time Crime’

When we hyped that Ladies of Synth compilation last week, we not-so-boldly stated that 2018 is going to be a huge year for synthwave music. Riding shotgun on that mechanical wave is Scandroid, the brainchild of Detroit-based artist/producer Klayton, who today (January 13) release a neon-fueled lyric video for new single “Time Crime.” The track was originally included on the vinyl release of Scandroid’s 2017 sophomore album Monochrome, but repositions itself as the lead offering off their upcoming third LP. We’re sure all the press hype around “Time Crime” will make easy-breezy references back to the ’80s, but we’re ready to throttle that notion and admit that, to us, sounds like the future. Buckle up and hit play on the sax sound of your synth soul below.