New Sounds: Lauren Ruth Ward marches ‘Sideways’ into the New Year


Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Lauren Ruth Ward is strutting into 2018 with strong advice in one hand and a kick-ass new jam called “Sideways” in the other.

And both make the other look pretty good.

Ward says her propulsive new single “is an anthem for those who get lost while acclimating to a new life. Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, you gotta roll with it but not let the people walking faster than you distract you.”


Ward relocated from Baltimore to Los Angeles about two years ago, so she knows a thing or two about starting over. So as we barrel headfirst into the New Year, that advice seems rather timely. And that’s ironic because “Sideways” feels almost timeless, sonically falling somewhere between contemporary guitar-rock cats like Courtney Barnett and Sheryl Crow’s forever-illuminated ’90s rock and roll dream.

Get to know her for the first time with “Sideways” below, and stay tuned for her new album, Well, Hell, which drops February 9 armed with promotional support from American Apparel, who supplies the featured pic up top.