‘Red Sparrow’ trailer: Jennifer Lawrence is Russian to kill some dudes


There are few loglines in this world that will get us running to the multiplex like the one for Francis Lawrence’s Red Sparrow.

Jennifer Lawrence as a elite Russian spy, torn between her allegiance to country and her hatred for the people who shaped her into being a ruthless killing machine? Sign us the fuck up! Well, the film’s full-length trailer dropped today, and it’s about as interesting as you might expect. Come for the action and thrills, and stay for the countless number of English actors forced to do their best Yakov Smirnoff.


Lawrence (the director, not the star) is an interesting choice for this project: He’s worked with J-Law before on what was arguably the best installment of the Hunger Games franchise, Catching Fire (though he was also responsible for that ending, which, well, yikes), but it has seemed to us that the dude was always one third act away from having a truly solid film out there in the world.

Case in point: I Am Legend, which, even before studio interference caused the ending of the film to be changed, had one of the most obnoxious collapses into smarm in modern blockbuster history. Still, he’s got a real chance to make an impact with this film, and it seems like people all over the internet are eating it up, especially given that we’re not likely to see a Black Widow movie anytime in the near future.

After mother!, pretty much anything would be a walk in the park for J-Law, so we bet she was pretty excited that she didn’t have to worry whether or not all the sinks on the set were braced or not. She’s surrounded by an excellent cast as well- Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Irons, Charlotte fucking Rampling- and we’re pretty stoked to see all of them bounce off each other.


Red Sparrow hits theaters on March 2. Cue the Drowning Pool, we’re ready to watch folks get murdered.

Featured image via screen grab.