‘Sicario 2: Soldado’ trailer: Take a first look at 2018’s most unnecessary sequel


If you’re a fan of Taylor Sheridan’s previous work, you’re probably already quaking in your boots just from the headline: Yes, Sicario has gotten a Sheridan-penned sequel, Soldado (or is it Sicario 2: Soldado? We’re not totally sure).

It’s true, we didn’t care too much for Wind River, his first outing as a director, but the dude’s pretty talented. It’s even more exciting if you credit his writing solely for that film’s success, as opposed to say, director Denis Villeneuve or cinematographer Roger Deakins or star Emily Blunt, because none of them are involved in the project. So here’s a lot of masculine posturing and maxims about warfare, delivered with less artistry!

Peep the trailer and decide for yourself whether this is worth it after all:

So we can totally be excited about the return of Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin in this installment, right? That’s our Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sheridan fans — that’s what we’ve got! But everything else about this seems like a bad idea: You’re replacing a modern-day master like Villeneuve with a director who’s mainly worked only in Italian television, and replacing Deakins (who may be the greatest modern cinematographer in our estimation) with Dariusz Wolski, Ridley Scott’s solid go-to-guy for effective action photography.

Something about this doesn’t ring totally true to us, but at least Sheridan and some of the great members of the cast are back. Why didn’t we leave this alone? Did we really need another installment of this? The first one was pretty much perfect as it stood, and it just feels a little bit unnecessary, guys. But who knows, we could be wrong!

Here’s a synopsis: FBI agent Matt Graver teams up with a former member of a Mexican drug cartel to kidnap a kingpin’s daughter.

Soldado hits theaters on June 29.

Image via Sony Pictures.