Manic Monday Bombshell: Susanna Hoffs says Sunday is not her ‘fun day’


Everything you thought you knew about fun days was wrong.

Susanna Hoffs dropped a bombshell revelation over the weekend, revealing that despite what we’ve all been hearing (and singing and pleading and whining) for the past 22 years, Sunday is, in fact, not her fun day, like she suggests in The Bangles‘ 1986 hit “Manic Monday.”

Turns out it’s Saturday.


And we get it — there’s nothing quite like Saturday, especially in that late-afternoon and early-evening zone, when the struggles and stress of the prior workweek are firmly planted in the rearview, and you have an entire day of freedom and recovery on the horizon. Sundays are never fun days, they are days of Netflix and hangovers and mild panic attacks over what will happen come Monday. It’s a countdown to doomsday, and there’s no fun in that game.

We’re not sure if Hoffs has ever spoken of this in the past, but if not, we’re at least grateful that she waited until after Prince had died to share this news with the world. The late music icon originally wrote the song for Apollonia 6 in 1984, but offered it to The Bangles two years later and it appeared on the pop group’s 1986 album Different Light.

Twenty-two years later — the song was officially released as a single on January 27, 1986 — our Mondays are as manic as ever.

And we wish it was Saturday.