A Vulgar Display of Parenting: Here’s that Pantera baby stroller you always wanted

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend Vanyaland published its first ever Gift Guide, but now we kind of wish we held off, as the greatest gift for rock and roll parents of small children and babies has arrived: This Pantera stroller.

According to Metal Insider, Pantera fans can now take a “Walk” with their kid in proper metal style, thanks to Daphyl’s, “the company that sells rock-themed baby products including Grateful Dead bibs, Pink Floyd sippy cups, and more.”

Pantera hyped the product on their Instagram, so we’re just gonna assume it’s as real as the back of Phil Anselmo’s neck.

“Features a vibrant and lively canopy with a collage of the iconic Pantera guitar in the seat,” writes Daphyl’s in the product description, which applauds its basket and cupholder, five-point safety harness, and light weight (just eight pounds).

It costs $59.99 plus shipping and handling. Order it here.