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Brad Delp Collection, including concert grand piano and memorabilia headed, for auction


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BOSTON, MA (November 29, 17) — Brad Delp’s musical equipment, memorabilia and personal property will be featured in the Marvels of Modern Music by Boston-based RR Auction.

Brad Delp was an American singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist of the rock bands Boston and RTZ, and his side project Beatlejuice, an homage to his beloved Beatles. A Massachusetts native, he also lived in New Hampshire for a portion of his life.


Delp joined Boston in 1970 and the band rocketed to stardom on his soaring vocals and timeless lyrics. Their self-titled debut album, released on August 25, 1976, ranks as one of the best-selling debut albums in U.S. history, with more than 17 million copies sold. It went platinum by November.

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The collection includes instruments Brad used, including guitars and his concert grand piano. “We’ve had that piano since 1979,” Micki said in a statement on the auction house’s website. “It’s an 1873 concert grand Chickering in hand-carved rosewood. The first Chickering company, the father, not Chickering and Sons. This is the first one made that had the full 88 keys; most grands couldn’t support the weight of the sound board. But Chickering the father figured he could design a case that could hold it. It has giant hand-carved legs and ivory keys.”


“I really hope (this auction) will help people follow along on the journey of his life, to his varied musical endeavors,” Micki said. “Even a letter (home). When they’re on the road, they can’t register under their own names at the hotel. Brad always used the name Fielding Mellish, a Woody Allen character, his favorite comedian. Brad had a wonderful sense of humor. (His daughter) Jen sent a letter addressed to him that way; he carried it around on tour and brought it back, which is why I have it.”

“I hope that all these (items) end up in the hands of people who appreciate it, and preserve the legacy of Brad’s kindness and humor,” Micki said. “He was always kind and generous. He really was unaffected by the fame and fortune that fell in his lap. It shows in all these wonderful things.”

“We’re honored Brad’s Family chose RR Auction to curate this first-ever offering of his memorabilia,” said Bobby Livingston, Executive VP at RR Auction.

Highlights include:


— Brad Delp’s Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 electric guitar.

— Brad Delp’s reference acetate for the iconic ‘More Than a Feeling.’ This ultra-rare acetate may have been a one-off produced while trying to create the radio edit for the hit single—it is a minute shorter than the album version of the track, and forty seconds longer than the single edit.

— Brad Delp’s Notebook with handwritten notes and lyrics that show the creative process behind “Rockin’ Away” and other songs.

— Brad Delp’s dazzling glittery platform shoes. Straight out of the ’70s, these wild shoes must have looked fabulous on stage.


— One-of-a-kind collection of Brad Delp’s home movies and candid photographs from Boston’s 1979 tour of Japan, consisting of 44 rolls of Super 8 video tape (33 of which remain in their Kodak boxes.)

— Delp’s high school diploma and yearbook from Danvers High School—”Have you heard the new Beatle album?”

— The eclectic record collection of Boston’s lead singer that includes over 70 albums from Delp’s personal record collection.

Additional items in the music themed auction include:


— Dee Dee Ramone’s cream-colored Fender Precision Bass.

— Beatles one-of-a-kind signed snapshot set.

— Jimi Hendrix signed UK pressing of Are You Experienced—”Be Groovy, Jimi Hendrix.“

— Jim Morrison signed American Prayer Book. Morrison self-published a total of 500 copies of this rare book, purportedly divvying them amongst his family and close friends.


— Jimmy Page BBC Tape Recording of ‘She Just Satisfies / Keep Moving.’

The Marvels of Modern Music Auction from RR Auction will begin on December 7 and conclude on December 14. More details can be found online at www.rrauction.com.