PSA: Probably the best album of 2017 will be played live tonight in Boston


Okay, look, last month we had fun with this article premise, dropping the same public service announcement gauntlet about hearing “In Undertow” by Alvvays live at the Paradise. Yeah, that’s pretty much the #SOTY. Fight us.

Tonight, we raise the stakes and go all in on the #AOTY category as Alex Lahey plays Great Scott in Allston. We just feel like one of those “Were you there?” moments in the making, and in 10 years when some publication writes an article about how all the cool bands play Great Scott before they blow up (which happens every four months), they’ll mention that the Australian singer-songwriter played there in a pre-WW3 2k17 when her album I Love You Like A Brother was just a month old.

There’s just so much to digest on I Love You Like A Brother, we’re beyond excited to hear it all (or even some of it) play out live. Opener “Every Day’s The Weekend” is the best drunken indie dance party rager since The Strokes and Bloc Party were kings, the glistening roar of “I Haven’t Been Taking Care Of Myself” is a true anthem for our insecure modern times, and deeper cuts like “I Want U” and “Let’s Call It A Day” show off Lahey’s frighteningly sharp lyrical acumen and a magnetic ability to spin an infectious ’60-pop hook.


In an age of singles, this is an album’s album, mainly because every fucking song feels like a single. And tonight, we’ll be treated to something special.

Featured Alex Lahey image by Giulia McGauran, via Pitch Perfect PR.