Studio 52 Featured Artist of the Week: Cilla Bonnie



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Studio 52 Spotlight: Cilla Bonnie

What Studio 52 Says: Originally from small town Maine, bassist, pianist, singer, and songwriter Cilla Bonnie has made a name for herself in Boston over the past decade gigging with a number of bands, including Ali Mcguirk, Air Traffic Controller, Qwill, and The Lousy Instruments. However, keeping busy playing shows hasn’t made her lose sight of her own original work, and has, in fact, likely built and improved upon her sound. Creativeness on the bass is never lacking in her songs, yet always holds down the groove while admirably complementing her clean, soulful vocal sound. Her 2010 release, On The Bax, let’s you know bass is a focal point from the first note, and in the end leaves you feeling emotional with a piano ballad titled “Mooney Moon”. In 2013, her 11-track album With the Weather presented an evolving sound, with more instrumentation, dynamics, and simply more songs. Yet, it never lost sight of the bare-boned soul/pop grooviness that makes her music great, and even flexes her vocal strength by concluding with the a capella piece “Floating”. Upon releasing the title track as a single this month, she has announced that her new record Somehow is in the works, and is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the recording and release. Click the link, donate, and become one of the first to hear the self proclaimed slinky-soul/pop album she has in store for listeners! For those who can’t wait to hear her new tunes, catch her live this Sunday, October 22 at State Park in Cambridge as she kicks the night off for Qwill and Jazze Belle. For the stiff price of $0, you can’t go wrong; free shows don’t get much better than this! — Trevor McSweeney, Studio 52. [Featured photo via Facebook.]


Spotify: Cilla Bonnie artist page

Indiegogo: Cilla Bonnie’s campaign for Somehow


Bandcamp: cillabonnie1.bandcamp.com


Video: Cilla Bonnie on YouTube

Instagram: @cillabonniemusic

Twitter: @CillaBonnie


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