Watch Louis CK fail to read the room with the ‘I Love You, Daddy’ trailer


Everybody loves Louis CK, right? He’s pretty much the epitome of the ‘problematic fave’ for all comedy nerds and film freaks, and, once upon a time, you’d have been rushed out of Film Twitter, fearing for your life, if you didn’t admire his FX TV show or Horace and Pete.

Yet allegations of sexual misconduct have followed him around these past few years, and his new film, I Love You, Daddy, “addresses” some of those rumors through a kind-of-lame Woody Allen caricature. This was a bit weird to hear about at Toronto International Film Festival, where the film was a last minute addition to the screening schedule, and left plenty of critics and industry people dumbfounded. Some said it was ballsy, others… well, others thought it was the anti-christ.

That was in September, and needless to say, the climate has only gotten more intense in the following days. So, it’s with Harvey Weinstein in the forefront of your mind that The Orchard has decided to give you the first trailer for I Love You, Daddy, and to say that it’s poorly timed is an understatement. It also looks bad, too!

Peep it:

So, yuck!

Not only does the greyscale 35mm cinematography here look like a load of hot garbage, but we can’t really see how this is still on track for release in December. Jesus Christ, come on. You’ve got to wonder what people like Tig Notaro think about this horseshit. We’re sure there’ll be more to say about this in the coming weeks, but we can’t say we’re too excited about it.

Here’s a synopsis from the film’s official site:

Louis C.K.’s ‘I Love You, Daddy’ is a bittersweet comedy about successful TV writer/producer Glen Topher (C.K.), who panics when his spoiled 17-year-old daughter China (Chloë Grace Moretz) starts spending time with 68-year-old Leslie Goodwin (John Malkovich), a legendary film director with a reputation for dating underage girls.

Conceived in the high style of 1940s Hollywood movies, with lustrous black and white 35mm photography and a soaring orchestral score, ‘I Love You, Daddy’ blends a classic look with Louis C.K.’s raucous modern comic sensibility to tell the story of a flawed man’s struggle to connect with his daughter and get back on his feet as an artist.

I Love You, Daddy hits theaters on November 17. What a way to follow up Pootie Tang.