Holy Trinity: Get a load of the lineups for tonight’s Prince + Bowie + George Michael party



Studio 52 is a community artist space located in the heart of Allston, and is proud to support the Boston music scene and local artist community.

Dearly beloved, we are gathering tonight at ONCE to celebrate a trio of musical icons and raise coin for a good cause. And not only is everyone invited, but everyone’s involved.


It all shakes out something like this: The Hereafter Party pulls together roughly 40 musicians from various scene circles coming together to honor the music of Prince, David Bowie, and George Michael, and in doing so will double the night’s festivities as a fundraiser for The Children’s Room, an Arlington non-profit organization that provides grief support services to children, teens, and families.

It’s an inspired pairing, especially since most of us are all still grieving over the 2016 losses of those three musical heroes on full display tonight (August 11) at the Somerville music venue.

Produced by Boston Rock Opera and Bob Voges, the night will “feature three different bands and a host of stellar vocalists from the Boston music scene performing high-energy sets of these legendary artists,” according to BRO. “Professional dancers will perform choreographed numbers and engage audience members with mini-dance lessons. ’80s-themed wardrobe is encouraged, supported by prizes for best outfits.”


Providing the music are a triple-play of supergroups: Heaven’s in Here pays tribute to David Bowie; Bluth honors George Michael; and Oh Sheila boasts an all-female tribute to Prince. And the massive lineups look something like this:

Yeah that’s right, we screen-grabbed that shit, because it’s just too large to list in boring old text. In addition to the prizes and dancers and performers and everything else, the night will also host a laser-fed dance party, set up a photo booth from The Secret Bureau of Art & Design, and offer exclusive merchandise of all three icons, like pins from Daykamp Creative (based off the designs in the featured image above) and crocheted angels by Lady Chief Fiber Arts.

For a taste of what’s in store, check the rehearsal videos.


And for more info on the night itself, peep the Daykamp flyer below.