Chris Martin had some funny things to say about Tom Brady during Coldplay’s show at Gillette

On Friday New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady told reporters that he might stick around Gillette Stadium after his usual training camp meetings to catch the Coldplay concert later that night. While we aren’t sure if Brady actually hung out to watch the British rock band live and in action, he did get a very nice shout out from Chris Martin during the show.

And, of course, there was some good-natured ribbing about the #GOAT’s age. Brady just turned 40 last week, but Martin suspected he might actually be older than he lets on.

“I know that yesterday the greatest quarterback of all time claims he turned 40 years old,” Martin told the crowd, in a clip you can watch via fan-filmed video below. “And we wanna say to Tom, ‘Happy birthday to a great man and thank you for letting us be in your dressing room.’ But between you and me, between you and me, I counted 56 candles on that cake. So I don’t know how old he really is.”

Age jokes are the new Deflategate jokes.

“I don’t know what he’s really up to back there, but there was some crazy shit going on with the candles,” Martin added. “Back there, he has gray hair, he has a cane. Then he just puts all this makeup on, comes out here, and looks like a fucking demigod. But back there, he’s just an ugly old man. So happy birthday, Tom. ”

Martin also thanked Patriots coach Bill Belichick for hanging the moon high above Foxborough.

“We also want to say to Bill Belichick thank you for letting us have the moon in the perfect position above the stage,” Martin said, pointing to the sky. “…That’s the power of the Patriots.”

Featured photo via @sincenynjh.

If anyone is interested in the music portion of the Coldplay show, watch them play “Adventure of a Lifetime” below.