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New Sounds: Phoebe Ryan shares her shenanigans on the jumpy ‘Forgetting All About You’


When we last checked in with Phoebe Ryan, she was binging on Minecraft while touring with Tove Lo, and her new single “Dark Side” had just dropped — not exactly a shabby lifestyle.

But as the pop starlet releases her newest tune, “Forgetting All About You,” she needs your help because she really, really, wants a furby.

“What I’m trying to say is — when my song comes out tomorrow please just buy it so I can get myself a furby or even a hatchimal or both”, she writes on Twitter.



The new track, which features rapper Blackbear, salutes stoned, pants-less cartoon watching and puking in the club with a happy-go-lucky-go-fuck-yourself attitude — which really, you can deduce just from the single cover, which shows a green-haired chick (most likely Ryan) bowled over on a toilet with one hand flashing devils horns and a cocktail five feet to her right.


“Fill my cup with zero fucks,” she demands on the first verse.

Pour ’em up (and buy the song so Ryan can get a Furby) below.

Phoebe Ryan featured photo by Jon Hoeg.