Throw it back to 1959 with the trailer for George Clooney’s nutty ‘Suburbicon’


Have you ever wondered what it would look like if George Clooney tried to direct a Coen Brothers-written-and-styled remake of Falling Down? Well then, you’re a lot like us, and you can take a seat right over there and pass us the popcorn for the debut of the Suburbicon trailer.

We’ve got a pill-addled Julianne Moore, a mustachioed and threatening Oscar Isaac, white riots in 1959, and Matt Damon peddling away from hell-de-sac on a children’s bicycle. What more do you need from me to convince you to watch it?

Well, this looks pretty interesting, and it’s good to see that Clooney’s aping the Coens’ style (with their blessing), and frankly we’re significantly more excited to see their script for this put to film than another pretender trying (and failing) to ride their coattails (Hoah Nawley, if you catch our drift). And lord knows Clooney needs a hit, given that The Monuments Men came and went and we all slept through it. Seriously, we actually thought Ides of March was his last film until bothering to do the research for this little piece. Isn’t that crazy?

Here’s the official synopsis, which contains a last line so withering and funny we just want to see it right now, please:

“‘Suburbicon’ is a peaceful, idyllic suburban community with affordable homes and manicured lawns… the perfect place to raise a family, and in the summer of 1959, the Lodge family is doing just that. But the tranquil surface masks a disturbing reality, as husband and father Gardner Lodge (Matt Damon) must navigate the town’s dark underbelly of betrayal, deceit, and violence. This is a tale of very flawed people making very bad choices.

Suburbicon will be making the festival rounds next month, prior to its general release on October 27.