It’s A Trip: The Lights Out debut their first music video in eight years



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The Lights Out have never done things the “conventional way.” 


The Boston band’s entire roll hinges on a meticulously choreographed lightshow that matches their every lick and drum beat, and their latest album, T.R.I.P., was released via the beer cans of Aeronaut Brewing Company. So when it comes to debuting new music videos, waiting eight years in between releases doesn’t register as a shocker here.

“We’ve produced thousands of videos in that time, but just like camera film doesn’t survive a trip through an airport X-ray, pandimensional travel is hell on video footage,” quips guitarist Adam Ritchie.

Their new video for “Waves of Sound,” a classic live performance vid, was filmed at the Regent Theatre in Arlington with The Color Machine, the band’s wearable light show. “After opening up last year for a supergroup with members of Dream Theater, King’s X, and The Dixie Dregs on their Boston tour stop, we fell in love with that space,” Ritchie adds. “We rented the stage for an afternoon, plugged in our gear and played the song a few times while Leesa Coyne and Erin Genett ran around with two cameras. We wanted to give the world its first look at The Color Machine, and this was the video that would do it.”


The video displays exactly why The Lights Out is an electric force of nature (and not some laser lightshow gimmick), but only scrapes the surface of experiencing the impeccably-timed strobe lights in person.

Tonight, The Lights Out bring “Waves Of Sound” and other forms of lights and music to Boston Harbor, aptly paired with Detroit rock-rousers Electric Six, for the latest Rock On! Concert Cruise Aboard the Mass Bay Lines MV. The ship departs at 8 p.m. and returns by 11, but time passes a touch faster in other dimensions, so make sure you adjust your watch accordingly.

Lights Out Booze Cruise