‘New Music Coordinator’ at LA radio station thinks Annie Lennox has ‘potential’


Annie Lennox could finally be getting her big break.

The acclaimed and revered musician, who boasts a resume of four Grammys, an Oscar, a Golden Globe, eight Brit Awards, and more than 80 million records sold around the world when you count her time with influential ’80s group Eurythmics, was recently pitched by an ambitious (and we’ll presume young) “new music coordinator” at a Los Angeles radio station.

The pitch letter, which Lennox shared to social media yesterday (June 29) with the question “I think I’m in with a chance ??!!!”, can be read below. In it, a person named Kylie tells Lennox she has “potential,” and if Lennox would be so gracious to send over an MP3 of her latest single, Kylie could pull some strings and get it heard by the program director and maybe — just maybe! — get it spun on the radio.


The message also comes with a proposal for a publicity support campaign from a “connected” artist development firm.

Though Lennox blacked out the radio station and the contact email, some speculate it came from KMIX. Lennox’s post has been shared more than 10,000 times on Facebook and has generated nearly 3,000 comments.

While the internet is having a field day with the email — Boston’s Corin Ashley commented: “Thank goodness young Kylie had come along to give our Annie the chance she deserves. It’s about time.” — it’s likely this isn’t a case of Kylie not knowing who Lennox is, but merely the employee blindly blasting out endless amounts of these pitches to young and up-and-coming bands around the world.


And it’s important to note that the radio play isn’t the true motive here — that’s merely the bait — but it’s rather a case of a corporate radio station trying to get musicians to pay up for exposure. These types of phishing letters go out to bands all the time — Kylie just didn’t realize this one went out to a legend.

Featured Annie Lennox photo by Robert Sebree.

If the embed doesn’t show, read the email below:


Annie Lennox Letter