Brotherly Love: Watch the trailer for Robert Pattinson’s bank heist drama ‘Good Time’

At least once a week, it seems there’s a new trailer for some sort of killer A24 release, and yesterday was that day of the week, as the GQ-profiled distributor dropped a pre-Cannes bomb on motherfuckers everywhere in the form of the trailer for the Safdie Brothers’ Good Time, a heist movie about a desperate, bank-robbing Robert Pattinson doing desperate things in order to save his brother.

Check it out, and turn up the Iggy Pop and Oneohtrix Point Never

It’s nice to see Pattinson out and about and in what looks like a pretty challenging role for him, and his last performance of a similar ilk, his fade-into-the-scenery supporting bit in Lost City of Z was excellent. If you’ve got eagle eyes, you might have noticed Jennifer Jason Leigh (yay!) and Barkhad Abdi (yay!) in the preview as well, and those are the other big names in the cast.

They’re all about verite, those Safdie brothers.

Speaking of, the Safdie Brothers, who’ve screened plenty of work at Cannes in the past, really broke through the noise of the American Indie scene back in 2014, with their absolutely fucking harrowing drug abuse drama Heaven Knows What getting a shitload of attention from the mainstream press. That film’s currently on Netflix, and we seriously don’t recommend watching it unless you’re alright with your day being totally fucking ruined, even if it is an amazing work of art. This looks to be a bit pulpier and genre-focused than that film, and we have to say that we’re pretty excited to see how it unfolds.

There’s not much of an official synopsis out there in the wild, so those hoping for clarity will most likely have to wait for post-Cannes press releases and stuff.

We do, however, have a release date: Good Time will hit theaters on August 11.