Laugh Tracks: Kumail Nanjiani brings ‘The Big Sick’ tour to The Wilbur

Alright, we know we’ve talked your ears off about Michael Showalter’s modern classic The Big Sick these past couple of weeks (which we reviewed at SXSW), and we told you not to watch the trailer if you wanted an accurate sense of what the movie’s like. That’s a hard thing to do, especially if you like watching trailers, or need the helpful shot signposts in order to see how much time is left in a given movie (we’re so guilty of this ourselves).

But there’s a much better option coming soon.

If you would like the best possible promo for this movie and also to see a super cool and crazily-stacked lineup of comedians hit The Wilbur Theatre, you should totally check out The Big Sick Tour when it hits the stage on May 30. Stars Kumail Nanjiani, Ray Romano, Aidy Bryant, and Kurt Braunohler will each be performing sets, and if that roster doesn’t get you stoked we honestly suggest you check your pulse.

Nanjiani, who’s also a co-writer on the film, is sure to put on a set that’s worth the price of admission alone (his post-screening commentary at SXSW was a honest-to-god highlight of the festival for us), but trust us when we say that you’re probably going to want to see Romano’s set. He’s so much funnier than we give him credit for being, and this’ll keep you from picking your jaw off the sticky theater floor at your screening once you start realizing that a) the dude is funny, and b) he can act. Plus, there are mice down there.

Anyways, we can’t stress to you how much we love The Big Sick, and this is a truly special showcase of its talented and brilliant cast. While five-date The Big Sick Tour starts here in Boston at the end of the month, The Big Sick the film hits Boston theaters on June 30.

Tickets to the Wilbur show are priced between $37 and 57 went on sale earlier this week; click here for more info.