Night Shift Brewing taps The Ballroom Thieves for Springfest’s new Thievery Pale Ale



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It’s probably true that in the past we’ve described The Ballroom Thieves’ unique style of folk-rock as “intoxicating.” Now, thanks to Night Shift Brewing, that phrase has taken on a whole new meaning.


The Everett beer company announced this morning (April 26) that it’s creating a new American Pale Ale called Thievery, just in time for its Springfest party on May 6. The Thieves curated the band lineup for the fest, which features performances by These Wild Plains, Andrea Gillis, and others, and now they’ll have their very own beer to further the celebration.

“We have some Ballroom Thieves fans on staff, and when we learned that the band were Night Shift Brewing regulars we were thrilled,” says Night Shift Marketing Coordinator Gene Buonaccorsi. “Thievery was brewed with a nod to Martin, Calin, and Dev, and will be released on draft and in cans at Springfest. The band even chipped in on the beer label design, and loaned their logo to live next to our hop owl. This easy-drinking yet full flavored beer is a nod to the symbiotic relationship we’ve built with the Thieves.”

Night Shift Thievery


Annika Earley designed the label for the can with input from the band, and it’s easy to say each of the Thieves will have a grip on more than a few next weekend and beyond.

“Do you remember in the movie Patch Adams when the adorable old woman wants to swim in a pool full of noodles? Imagine cleaning out all those nasty noodles and instead filling the pool with Night Shift’s new Thievery beer,” says drummer Devin Mauch. “We’ll drink less than that, but definitely more than five each. If you know us, you know that we like our brewskis, so teaming up with a brewery like Night Shift to have our own beer is seriously a dream come true.”

When Buonaccorsi says that Night Shift and The Ballroom Thieves have a brewing relationship, he’s talking more than just curation and tasty beverages. Recently, the Boston trio swung by Night Shift’s Taproom to perform “Blood Run Red,” a track off last year’s breakout album Deadeye. That video is below, produced by Buonaccorsi and Tim Oxton, as well as the entire Springfest lineup. For more info on Springfest, keep it locked to its Facebook event page.


Night Shift Flyer