New Direction: Harry Styles is resurrected after impassioned ‘Saturday Night Live’ performance

It’s Easter Sunday here in America, and a British boy band singer has been properly resurrected.

Harry Styles made his televised solo debut last night on Saturday Night Live, showing he’s a bit more these days than just another bloke from the departed One Direction. Styles has been riding high since the release of his new single “Sign Of The Times” a few weeks back, and delivered the ambitious, ’70s-kissed romantic ballad to national television audiences with some pure raw emotion.

These two tweets sum things up nicely:

Sure, Styles’ voice seems to crack at the end of “Sign Of The Times” — he looked none too pleased with himself — but we’ll take that kind of human emotion and experience over an uber-polished and over-produced pop group any day of the week. And at least we know he wasn’t faking it.

Styles even premiered a new song last night, the appropriately-titled “Ever Since New York,” and you can watch both performances below via SNL.

Elsewhere on SNL, Styles also played a circa-’77 Mick Jagger on an episode of Celebrity Family Feud, and that’s worth your time as well.

As “Sign of the Times” is expected to top this week’s Billboard Hot 100 chart, Styles’ debut album is set to drop May 12. Let’s hope it’s just as impressive.