New Sounds: Nearby Pastures go after work week monotony on the jittery ‘Wages of Labor’


Unless you’re a masochist or turn agoraphobic when the weekend hits, the drudge of the work week can be pretty mind-numbing. Wake. Commute. Cubical. TPS Reports. Commute. Sleep. Repeat.

Spencer A. Simmons, who performs under the moniker Nearby Pastures, feels your pain, addressing it in the first single from his upcoming debut EP, Loose Teeth. It’s called “Wages of Labor,” and Vanyaland is pleased to provide a sneak peek of the track ahead of it’s official release this Friday.

“Wages of Labor is about the monotony of the 9-5 work week,” Simmons tells us. “I’ve always felt that it’s backwards to go into a career you hate for the pursuit of money. Writing about a character who jumps out of his office window seemed like a good way to get this point across!”


Recorded in Simmons’ home studio in Orange County, California, “Wages of Labor” sounds a lot like early Gang of Four, with a bit of Strokes-meets-Modest-Mouse thrown in for good measure. It’s got a quick, sharp guitar riff that blends well with some staccato vocals.

“I recorded [“Wages of Labor”] in my home studio,” Simmons says. “I performed all the parts except for drums, which I had a friend record in his studio in London and send back to me to add in. ”

The release party for “Wages of Labor” is this Saturday night at the Continental Room in Fullerton, CA. So pull yourself back from the ledge, put off that search for your missing stapler and have a listen.


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