Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: Fórn



Studio 52 is a community artist space located in the heart of Allston, and is proud to support the Boston music scene and local artist community.

Studio 52 Spotlight: Fórn

What Studio 52 Says: Formed within the walls of Studio 52, Fórn have been taking the paint off the walls of every club they play for years. Their blast of doom metal is unique, powerful, and mesmerizing. Screams and howls are dressed in reverb and often have a very beautiful yet haunting feel. The guitar riffs combined with the spine-rattling low-end are sure to move you back a step when the first notes ring out. Their sound is also complemented by the smashing and steady drums that finish off their fine-tuned musical machine. They’re headed on a European Tour scheduled for April (see the dates via Instagram at the end of this spotlight), and this doom outfit is definitely one of the strongest we’ve ever seen. They even did a performance in a sea cave in San Francisco, provided in the video link below!


Bandcamp:: forn.bandcamp.com

YouTube:: Fórn Doom


Instagram: @fornofficial

FULL EUROPEAN DATES – April 14th – April 26th #FÓRN

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