New Sounds: Finland gets into the alt-pop game with ALMA’s infectious ‘Chasing Highs’


When it comes to Nordic pop, Finland has traditionally lagged behind. Consider that since neighboring Sweden has rolled out an assembly line of incredible artists over several decades (tracing the likes of ABBA to Robyn) and Norway has given us a-ha (remaining undefeated ever since), it’s high time for the land of a thousand lakes to deliver their own pop export.

And that might be ALMA.

“We just need that one miracle to happen and then everything is going to be so much easier,” the vibrant 21-year-old from just outside Helsinki tells NOISEY.


Born Alma-Sofia Miettinen, her miracle-in-music-form arrives this week in “Chasing Highs,” a deliriously infectious, tropic-smoked track that has a bit of a Tove Lo vibe mixed with bits of Indiana and XCX. “And I better know what to do /
Who’s gonna be the first one to move?” ALMA sings on the track, before dropping the gauntlet: “I wanna get closer to you.”

Seems she pulling that off nicely.